GDPR chatbots

Automate all GDPR-related communication in your organisation. Let a chatbot handle it.

We offer a chatbot trained to answer GDPR-related questions. It can be easily displayed on your website.

  • Provide data privacy-related information in a professional and knowledgeable way;
  • Reduce enquiries addressed directly to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) or to other professionals in your organisation;
  • Replace highly qualified manual labor with robotic process automation (RPA);
  • Be available for communication and/or addressing complaints 24/7/365 with zero waiting time;
  • Improve your website’s user engagement;
  • Constantly improving chatbot performance (through machine learning, as well as through shared learning with other GDPR chatbots);
  • Have structured statistics on all GDPR-related enquiries.

Main features of the GDPR chatbot:

  • Trained to answer GDPR-related questions, both generic and customer-specific;
  • Cloud-based and offered under software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, i.e. no software purchase, no need for additional human or technology resources;
  • Can be easily integrated with your website (various integration options available);
  • Machine learning-enabled, which means that the chatbot constantly improves its performance through advanced machine learning.

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You can ask something like:

What data is considered sensitive?
What are lawful reasons to collect data?
How does Brexit affect GDPR?


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